Clean and Fresh

These just scream clean and fresh to me.

Pretty Packaging

Cosmetic packaging is fun to look at. Here's one I found via Lovely Package. I love the intricate lace design on the bottle and the box and it's designed by student, Erin Dameron.


Sweet Pretties

Design inspiration for wedding cakes:

awesome couture cakes from instyleweddings.com

Wedding cakes too pretty to eat from marthastewart.com


Ten Commandments on Typography

I love Karen O'Neill's site. Check out her take on presenting the fundamental elements of typography. Simple yet so effective. Here are a few samples below. You can check out the rest on Karen's site.


Wedding invitations Hunt

letterpress invites from Elum Designs

this is cute... you can find it here

a DIY kit from The Uncommon Bride

an elegant chocolate and teal set from Plainestudios.com

from Antonia Rose Printing


First Salvo: Aviary dot com

Okay here's the first little nugget I found courtesy of howaboutorange.blogspot.com - Aviary.
It's an online image editing site probably similar to Adobe Photoshop's Express online editing services in some ways but it has a bit more to offer all in one place.

It offers online Vector Editing - Raven (Illustrator), Image Editing - Phoenix (Photoshop), Color Palettes - Toucan (Adobe Kuler, I think) and Visual Laboratory - Peacock (I'm not sure which software it's supposed to be like). Birds of not so same feathers flocked together, right?

Anyway, if you want to try something cool and interesting pop on over to Aviary.com and check it out and see if you can do this:


Whaaaaat? Another blog?

Of course it's another blog, silly. Well, it's just like having 43 folders and all that GTD stuff. I think I need to have 43 blogs to file all my thoughts into little blog folders. LOL Why 32 fouettes? Because it's what a prima ballerina should do! (Bare minimum of course hahaha) Hold that thought... I am not a prima ballerina. Maybe more like a wannabee. But hey, I've had my share of dancing days and there was a time that my arms didn't flap like a turkey's neck. So, this is where I'll file my artsy thoughts about life, love and the pursuit of happiness and all things lofty from now on. On second thought maybe I'll just stick to keeping it real. So hang on tight and stick around who knows what will come out of this blog.

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